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Public Sector

Offered services in the Public Sector

Central and local public institutions are facing unprecedented challenges: budgets in decline, increased demand from community for services, labor reform and health security threats and cyber attacks.

All these are combined with pressure for better results and better accountability. In this environment many organizations are aware that the use of information technology and better overall organization of this will help to solve these problems.

NIROS Consult provides advice and innovative and robust IT solutions to address the most pressing initiatives: data center consolidation, large data base management, data integration, quality, privacy and cyber security. Using these solutions government organizations can focus their time and resources to critical tasks of law enforcement, taxation and income, personnel education, and the provision of benefits and services to the public.

We provide to local and central administration audit and advisory services to choose the most appropriate IT solutions in order to increase efficiency of its activities. Achieving integrated database, implementing inventory and document management systems as well as solutions that simplify the interaction with the citizens of those communities and facilitate fulfillment of their obligations to the community, is a solid experience.

Benefits are complex: from higher levels of satisfaction with community service to the increased collection of local taxes; from a better image of administration to effectively information management that leads to lower operating costs.