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About Us

NIROS Consult - a sum of multi-sectorial IT experiences

Who Are We

NIROS Consult is a Romanian private company formed by a group of experts in Information Technology.

NIROS Consult is a sum of values that defined from the very beginning the quality of the work and how it is carried through. NIROS partners are committed of using their knowledge and passion to develop clients' businesses so that they achieve high performance.

Our Experience

Our specialists have over 30 years IT experience, derived from years of work in companies and corporations worldwide as well as direct involvement in IT projects of particular complexity. They were and are involved in the hardware and software infrastructure, the construction of complex IT projects, implementation, commissioning and operating both locally and internationally.

The management team consists of highly experienced partners who have been involved in large projects of transformation in many industries, strategic, tactical and operational.

What We Offer

NIROS Consult represents a sum of multi-sectorial IT experiences. Understanding very well the problems of banking and financial institutions related IT infrastructure we are involved in consulting projects that address banking sector. We carry out the audit of these infrastructures, and offer solutions to increase performance.

We provide to the public sector audit and advisory services to choose the most appropriate solutions to increase efficiency of its activities. Achieving integrated database, implementing inventory and document management systems as well as solutions that simplify the interaction with the citizens of those communities and facilitate fulfillment of their obligations to the community, is a solid experience.

We provide to the private sector IT advice and innovative and robust solutions to address the most pushing initiatives: data center consolidation, large data base management, data integration , quality, privacy and cyber security.