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NIROS Consult - Offered Services

Consulting services

Services to define requirements for the information system of organization:

- Identify and define business processes, activities and information flows within the organization;
- Identify and define business requirements for information system of organization;
- Identify and define requirements for hardware and communications infrastructure for the information system of the organization;
- Identify and define security requirements on a system of the organization;
- Identification and definition of requirements management and organization support system of the organization;
- Technical assistance for the development of technical specifications for the information system of the organization.

Audit services for existing information system:

- Evaluation of the business processes implementation, activities and information flows in the existing information system;
- Assess the effectiveness of existing applications to business requirements;
- Assessment of existing computing and communications infrastructure;
- Assess the needs of integration between internal and / or external systems;
- Evaluation of existing information system security;
- Assess how it is ensured management and information system support;
- Development of technical specifications for the optimization of existing information system.

Services on technical evaluation of bids received by a person in auctions:

- Independent and neutral technical evaluation:
- The hardware;
- System (elements) Security - processes and traffic;
- Basic software modules / database.

Services related to information security management within the organization

- Services provided are focused on identifying threats and vulnerabilities in the security of corporate information, assess their potential impact on business and recommendations of appropriate controls for mitigation;
- Information Security Training & Awareness Services;
- Information Security Technology Selection Consulting;
- Business Continuity Plan Design;
- Corporate Information Security Risk Assessment;
- Penetration Testing;
- Information Security Risk Assessment for services and systems under development;
- Vulnerability Assessment Services;
- ISO 27001 Consulting Services;
- PCI/DSS Compliance Implementation and Consulting;
- Anti-Fraud Protection (internal, e-commerce);
- Identity Management.

Project management services, project management performance auditing in an organization

- Project Management according to methodologies and / or international standards (PRINCE2, ISO 21500, ANSI / PMI Standard 99-001-2013);
- Designing and Managing PMO (on request may include Program & Portfolio Management, or separately) - consulting and lecture on slides;
- Audit and performance evaluation of project management in an organization, based on IPMA auditing standard U.S. / asapm / APRO 2010;
- Project management chapters: assembling project auction bids.


- Training for PMI-PMP exam;
- Training on MS Project 2010/2013 usage;
- Training on ISO 21500 Standard;
- Training for Design and Management PMO (including Program & Portfolio Management, on request);
- Training for PRINCE2 project management methodology usage;
- Courses on Six Sigma methodology in the field of quality management;
- Training on ISO 38500 - Corporate Governance for Information Technology.