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Banking & Financial Sector

Offered services in the Banking & Financial Sector

Speaking a common language with bank staff we can create a solid partnership based on a mutual understanding of the phenomenon and through the implemented solutions, an increasing performance of IT systems and technical feasibility of expansion and development.

Understanding very well the problems of banking and financial institutions related IT infrastructure, we are involved in consulting projects that address banking sector. We carry out the audit of these infrastructures, and offer solutions to increase performance.

By implementing banking institutions virtualization solutions of IT infrastructure, we increase security level of the systems, while achieving a reduction in operating costs of financial services.

Considering the great interest of security and authentication we provide advice in this area, very sensitive and critical. Together with partners specialized in security audit and penetration testing solutions we provide reliable and robust solutions, based on the results of safety analysis.

Not at least we provide computer training services of general interest (operating systems, programming languages, databases, etc.).